Myers McKinney

I am from Spartanburg, SC which is where my dad (Troy) grew up. I have two younger brothers, Glen and Hudson and a brand new sister-in-law, Sarah (married to Glen)! During Christmas break, we often go to visit extended family in Lakeland, FL where my mom (Anne) grew up. God saved me when I was around 6-7 years old at an Easter service at our church. My parents had faithfully been tilling the spiritual soil, as it were, for the Holy Spirit to plant that seed. Coming out of college and heading for seminary, I knew that the PCA was my denominational church home. Proclamation quickly emerged by word of mouth as a great place to grow and flourish and since joining, I haven’t looked back! The Lord has given me many opportunities to teach and preach and he has called me to serve on Proclamation’s evangelism committee. He has also given me opportunities to serve Proclamation through hospitality, prayer, and assisting worship through playing hymns at numerous evening services. I am incredibly grateful and excited to get to teach God’s Word in Sunday school and to preach the Gospel during future evening services! I also can’t wait to practice more hospitality and to work towards the growth of Proclamation’s evangelistic efforts through my service on Proclamation’s evangelism committee. One interesting fact about myself is that when I was twelve years old, I watched the movie National Treasure: Book of Secrets so much that I eventually had the entire script memorized cold. I remember retelling it from start to finish during a long bus ride during summer camp. Was it a good use of my time? Definitely!