We've changed our giving platform.

You will need to cancel your Vanco account and setup a new online giving account with Subsplash.
You can do that by logging in and selecting "Delete" next to your upcoming scheduled transactions.  You should receive an email confirmation of the deletion.
(We would recommend not deleting your entire account right away in case you need to log in again. Once you can confirm that money is not coming out through Vanco, then please delete the entire account.)

How to Give with Subsplash

Step 1

Enter the amount you would like to give. Choose which fund. Choose frequency. Pick a date of first donation.  Select next.

Step 2

If you have not done so already, create an account. (We recommend creating an account with your email.) Enter your giving method (bank information, credit, or debit cards).

Step 3

Follow the prompts and finish the giving process by submitting your gift! (If you would like to split giving donations between different funds, you will need to repeat the giving process with a separate entry. At this time there is not a way to split a single donation between funds.)
**For designated gifts, please write in your donation designation in the memo line.**

Have questions or need help?

Please note: the office staff is not able to change passwords or assist with personal account information. i.e. routing numbers, bank account numbers, or card information.