Eagles is a monthly Friday morning gathering for seniors. Come enjoy vibrant fellowship over coffee and pastries, hear short lessons from God’s Word, and experience fun get-to-know activities.

There is also a biweekly lunchtime Bible discussion on Wednesdays from 11:30am - 12pm in the fellowship hall (see church calendar).


Meet at Proclamation in the Lower Level (Fellowship Hall)
September 15 | 10am - 12pm (Speaker: Pastor Ben)
October 20 | 10am - 12pm  (Speaker: Shelby Myers - Pastoral Intern)
November 17 | 10am - 12pm  (Speaker: Elden Pan - Pastoral Intern)
December 15 | 10am - 12pm  (Speaker: Nate Shannon, PhD, WTS)
January 19 | 10am - 12pm.  (Cancelled)
February 16 | 10am - 12pm (Speaker: Peter Lillback, WTS President)
 March 15 | 10am - 12pm (TBD)
April 19 | 10am - 12pm (Catered Breakfast, Kevin Pierce returns to sing)
May 17 | 10am - 12pm (Speaker: Pastor Jeremy)

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