Mission & Vision

The Mission

To lead people to faith in Christ that we may grow together as the body of Christ and serve Christ as we live and labor for him to the glory of God.

The Vision

  • Reaching the world with the Gospel of salvation.
  • Building God’s people as the Church for his glory.
  • Sending every Christian, equipped for service, to live and speak for Christ.

Our Current Ministry Initiatives

Adopted by the Session in 2019
1. Launch a College Ministry on area campuses in the next 3 years
2. Encourage each of the ministries of the church to become more evangelistic, and train the whole congregation to be able to share their faith
3. Invest in Gospel Ministry to Internationals by more fully committing to our ESL outreach program
4. Reestablish at least one Christianity Explored study as a means of reaching our neighbors
5. Increase Global Missions awareness and giving by:
- Highlighting missions more regularly in our Sunday worship services
- Establishing by faith and prayer a target for missions giving to be X% of our annual budget
- If such a target is set, consider combining our General Operating Fund with our Missions Fund
- Challenging and preparing PPC members for service in missions
6. Focus on spiritual maturity
7. Prioritize prayer
8. Grow as worshippers of Jesus Christ
- Continue to center our corporate worship on God’s Word, and aim for our praise to be marked by a joyful reverence for God’s holiness and a participation of all believers as we respond to his grace lavished upon us in Christ
9. Encourage generosity
- Emphasize generosity of our time, talents, and treasure, and instruct the congregation on the Bible’s promises related to tithing
10. Restore Part-time Women’s Ministry Director
11. Improve our online presence
12. Equip future leaders in Christ’s Church through our investment in seminary students by:
- Developing other components to the Internship in addition to the Pastoral track
- Financially supporting the education of male and female seminary students through the Timothy Fund
13. Equip future leaders of Proclamation by:
- Identifying and training men who could serve as future elders and deacons, including intentional mentoring with church officers
- Identifying and training women in doctrine and ministry for various roles.
14. Equip the congregation for ministry by training them in evangelism and discipleship
- Enhance our resource room by improving the quality and quantity of the reformed literature made available to our members and guests
15. Equip the saints for life-giving community by:
- Teaching the importance of welcoming visitors to the church into our lives
-  Encouraging saints from all walks and seasons of life through hospitality and fellowship
- Nurturing Christian family life and growing strong marriages and families by applying biblical principles
- Developing a plan to care for the senior saints and families affected by disability through the members of the body