Hiring: Director of Children's Music

Proclamation Presbyterian Church is seeking qualified applicants for the position of Director of Children's Music. A position description is below. Interested candidates should complete the application form at the bottom of the description and e-mail it with a current CV or resume to ryan@proclamation.org.
The Director of Children’s Music will work under and in co-operation with the Director of Music in conjunction with the Session to guide the musical growth of the congregation’s children for worship and the greater life of the Church.

Summary of Position:
The Director of Children’s Music must have the appropriate qualifications and experience to direct the children’s music in the church. They will be accountable to Session, but will report directly to the Director of Music and will work in coordination with the entire staff to execute the overall vision of the Session and Senior Pastor.

General Responsibilities:
The Director of Children’s Music will oversee the church’s children’s music ministry and guide them to a high level of excellence.

Specific Responsibilities: 
  1. Musical and Educational
    • To plan, develop, and organize a range of music-related activities for children and otherwise direct the children’s music ministry of the church.
    • To recruit, audition, and direct children/youth who will be able to assist in the public worship and participate in the varied children’s music ministry activities.
    • To develop and direct a children’s music education component of the music ministry that would facilitate children’s musical worship in public and private.
    • To rehearse and direct 1-2 graded children’s choir(s).
    • To plan, supervise, and direct musical activities for Summer Kids Camp (Vacation Bible School).

  2. General
    • To coordinate the children’s music ministry activities in conjunction with the Director of Music, including appropriate children’s music for special seasons in the church calendar.
    • To encourage teamwork and mutual support for all involved in the church music program by providing strong leadership and nurture to all who are involved in it.
    • To recruit, in conjunction with other ministry staff, volunteers who can help facilitate children’s musical activities and to oversee any paid and volunteer members of the children’s music ministry.

  3. Administrative
    • To maintain appropriate communication with participating children’s families regarding their musical activities.
    • To serve as a member of the Music Committee.
    • To be responsible for the selection, purchase and maintenance of music/materials for the children’s music ministry within the allocated budget.
    • To plan and request an appropriate budget for the children’s music ministry.

  4. Personal Development
    • To seek to maintain the requisite personal spiritual disciplines as are necessary for the work of the ministry in the church, including personal and family devotions.
    • To cultivate such habits of study and personal reading as will contribute to the need to ‘stir up the gift of God that is in you’ in order to better serve the cause of Christ.
    • To complete or attend at least one class or conference per year that is specifically geared for the needs of those involved with music ministry in the church and their personal development as musicians.
    • To integrate in the body life of the church with regular attendance at public worship and participation in other church activities.